Aplikasi Pemertahanan Nama Tempat Berbahasa Minang untuk Menguatkan Nilai Kearifan Lokal


  • Yessy Prima Putri
  • Monanda Rio STMIK Indonesia Padang


waterfall, Minang language, GIS


Language maintenance of regional languages is one phenomenon that appears in the middle of a language shift polemic. This phenomenon also occurs in the Minangkabau community where People began to ignore their own language. On the map of West Sumatra, place names are no longer in Minang language. On the other hand, technological developments have led us to an advancement in IT-based mapping technology. This technology has been widely used in various fields including the social sector. However, currently there is no GIS application that focuses on language maintenance, especially Minang, which is a very rich language. This study aims to make an application design based on the name of the place in the Minang Kabau area which has undergone many changes. The method used in this application is the SDLC with a waterfall model. The result is a GIS-based language maintenance application that can be used easily for users to find out the original word, the meaning of the word, and information related to places in West Sumatra.