Pengembangan Website dan Metode SAW untuk Rekomendasi Wisata Alam Sumatra Barat


  • Agung Ramadhanu Universitas Putera Indonesia - YPTK
  • Rahmatul Husna Arsyah Universitas Putera Indonesia - YPTK


nature tourism, website, SAW


Currently, the majority of information about natural tourism is only obtained based on advertisements from TV and Social Media. Tourist attraction is generated based on how aggressively the ad hits the recipient of the information. This research is in the form of a decision support system (SPK) using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method for recommendations for natural tourism in West Sumatra which are presented on a website. The results of the recommendations issued are based on the results of the SPK calculation using the SAW method. The use of criteria as many as seven criteria consisting of four benefit criteria and three cost criteria. The research objective is to reveal how to create a website that can provide information in the form of recommendations for natural tourism, then how the SAW method can be used for the SPK method and how the SAW method can be implemented on the West Sumatra natural tourism recommendation website. The results showed a ranking from recommendation 1 to recommendation 14 from natural tourism in West Sumatra.