About the Journal
Indonesian Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) with registered ISSN 2302-4364 (print) and ISSN 2549-7286 (online) is a journal that published by Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK) Indonesia Padang. IJCS start published in October 2012, which is Volume 1, No. 1. Since 2017, which is Volume 6, No. 1, Open Journal Systems (OJS) has been applied for all business process in IJCS. Therefore, the authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript by online. The process of the manuscript could be monitored through OJS. Readers, authors, editors, and peer review could obtain the real time status of the manuscript. IJCS publishes a journal twice in year, those are on April and October. The mission of IJCS are to share, develop, and facilitate the output of research paper about computer science, software engineering, information system, information technology, and computer engineering.

Focus and Scope
Paper published in the IJCS is the result of research and scientific studies in the field of computer science, software engineering, information system, information technology, and computer engineering.

Publication Ethics
A. Editor’s Responsibility

  1. Editor of IJCS has responsible for deciding the elible article by Editorial board meeting after receiving recommendations from the assessment result of reviewer.
  2. In the process of acceptance the article, a team of editors are basically the principle of similarity treatment.
  3. In the process of review the jounal and taking decission for publication (article), editorial team does not distinguish race, ethic, nationality or political ideology of the author.
  4. Editor and editorial team will not reveal any information about the articles/scripts that enter except by permission of the author.
  5. The script (articles) which is not publish after submission will not be used by the editor’s own research and will returned directly to the author.

B. Reviewer’s Responsibility

  1. Reviewer helps the editor in editorial decission making toward the submission articles.
  2. Reviewers are responsible for recommendations which were reviewed.
  3. Reviewers script made objectively and supported by clear arguments.
  4. Reviewers are responsible for quotations, references, and plagiarism on articles reviewed.
  5. Reviewers keep the secret of information for personal benefit.

C. The Author’s Responsibility

  1. Authors must present the result of thought or research article clearly, honestly, and without plagiarism, and data manipulation.
  2. The author is responsible for the confirmation which was filed on articles that have been written.
  3. The Authors must obey the requirements of the publication of the work in the form of originality, no plagiarism, and never published in journals or other publications.
  4. Authors should indicate the reference of the opinions and work of others who quoted.
  5. The author should write a script or articles ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with the rules applicable scientific authorship.
  6. The author may not post/publish the same article to more than one journal or publication.
  7. The author does not mind if the articles experience editing without changing the substance of the article or the main idea.

Privacy Statement
The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Open Access Policy
This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

ISSN 2302-4364 (print)                 ISSN 2549-7286 (online)


Website: ijcs.stmikindonesia.ac.id
E-mail: [email protected]