Perancangan Aplikasi Berbasis Android Untuk Diagnosis Penyakit Ginjal Menggunakan Metode Forward Chaining


  • Afrizal Nehemia Toscany STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa Jambi
  • Agus Siswanto STIKOM Dinamika Bangsa Jambi



android, diagnosis, kidney disease, agriculture


The pattern of life that bad makes modern society must give up if it is faced with a kidney disease. Kidney disease can get worse because society did not have the time to do health checks, so kidney disease cannot be treated as early as possible. Therefore, the peniliti want to design the application of expert system for diagnosis of early kidney disease. Expert system on this research method using forward chaining rules where it is made into a form of if-then rules.  Expert system knowledge base consists of 53 symptom data, disease data, 75 6 data rules and 5 data treatment. System modeling method used is the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  Draft form questions to ask the doctor who made such direct symptoms that occur to users. The question is not shown all but will be pursed the possibility of kidney disease.  Android-based application designed so that these applications can be run anywhere and anytime as long as the application is installed in a smartphone with Android OS.


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