Pemanfaatan Google Maps API dalam Pemetaan dan Pemberdayaan Pariwisata Desa Di Indonesia Berbasis Web-Mobile


  • Rike Limia Budiarti STMIK Nurdin Hamzah Jambi
  • Windy Adriana STMIK Nurdin Hamzah Jambi



mapping, tourism village, google maps api, codeigniter


Recent tourist villages in Indonesia have received more attention from the government and also the management, this is due to the increasing development of tourism in Indonesia. Muaro Jambi Village is one of the tourist villages owned by Jambi Province which has many decent tourism objects to be empowered more fully. One of the most famous tours is Muaro Jambi Temple, which is the largest temple in Southeast Asia. The classic problem that always arises in data integration creates a mismatch that is still more maximal in the process of mapping and empowering rural tourism. The researcher develops a product in the form of an application that can later be used to connect between the village tourism manager and potential visitors. This application can also be used as a medium for centralizing tourism village data throughout Indonesia. The combination of using the Codeigniter Framework and the Google Maps API is able to provide a strong and integrated impression on the application, making it easily accepted among users. The results of this study are the formation of a media that can be used by village tourism managers in managing existing destinations, can be used by visitors to find recommendations for popular destinations or can also be used by the government in mapping tourism villages


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