Audit Pegadaian Aplication Support System Integrated Online Dengan Metode Framework COBIT



Audit Pegadaian, Aplication Support System Integrated Online, Metode Framework COBIT


Pegadaian is a state-owned company in the Indonesian financial sector which is engaged in pawning goods. The purpose of the information system Governance audit at Pegadaian Batam Branch is to determine the level of maturity in the PASSION system. the system has been running well and then conducts an audit to find out whether the system used efficiently and effectively supports business processes. This study aims to audit information system Governance using COBIT 4.1. The method of analysis in this study uses the COBIT 4.1 framework which contains 3 subdomains, PO7, DS1, ME4. The results of this study are the maturity level of information systems in the PO7 domain with a value of 2.34, in the DS1 domain with a value of 2.37, and in the ME4 domain with a value of 3.54. so that the maturity level of the Batam City Pegadaian information system is the average level 3 (Defined).  



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