Sistem Informasi Pengarsipan Berkas Perkara Pidana dan Perdata pada Pengadilan Negeri Klas IA Padang

  • Rifa Turaina STMIK Indonesia Padang
  • Elizamiharti Elizamiharti STMIK Indonesia Padang
  • Huriza Eka Rahma STMIK Indonesia Padang


Archiving is storing data activity in various ways and means in certain places, make safe from being damaged or lost as a center of memory or resources of an organization. Class IA Padang District Court, was not using the information system in terms of filing criminal and civil case files. Thus experiencing difficulties in the management of file archiving criminal and civil cases from receipt of the file. Report and storaging are all done manually. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research for the making application program of criminal and civil case files filling information systems in Class IA Padang District Court. This research is conducted by data collection method which includes field research, library research and laboratory research. System development method uses System Develop-ment Life Cycle (SDLC) concept. With this archiving information system the archiving becomes easier and faster, fast data search process, a well documenting and in terms of making the report would be easier, so it helps ease the worker of archivist.


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Turaina, R., Elizamiharti, E., & Rahma, H. (2018). Sistem Informasi Pengarsipan Berkas Perkara Pidana dan Perdata pada Pengadilan Negeri Klas IA Padang. Indonesian Journal of Computer Science, 6(1), 12-30.