Tata Kelola Keamanan Teknologi Informasi Menggunakan Framework COBIT 5 Fokus Proses DSS05 (Studi Pada RS Bhayangkara Jambi)


  • Ari Andrianti Universitas Dinamika Bangsa Jambi
  • Lola Yorita Astri Universitas Dinamika Bangsa Jambi




governance, security, framework COBIT 5


Bhayangkara Jambi Hospital is a hospital that provides health services to the extended POLRI family and the general public. As a hospital that already uses an information system, information security must be maintained. One approach that can minimize attacks on information security is to implement information security governance. The aim of the research is to governance information technology security using COBIT 5. The method of analysis in this study uses the COBIT 5 framework using the DSS05 sub domain and uses the COBIT capability level (level 0-5) method of evaluation results. This study produces recommendations for improvements in information technology security in accordance with the level of capability achieved. The conclusion drawn from this study is the improvement in the level of capability and information security governance recommendations.


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